Honey Head Films is an award-winning production company
making waves in the industry from Coastal Carolina to the Mile High City.

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The most important thing is to keep doing something for your career every single day. It’s never a competition. We have our own way of approaching projects, whether it is a music video or a corporate marketing campaign, and clients come to us for the Honey Head vision. That is what we are most proud of: that we have created a ‘look’ and ‘feel’ for our work that is completely our own.

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Women To Watch – Arts

Projects keep coming for Honey Head Films. That, however, is not changing or affecting the smaller, local content they are creating. All it has done is allow for their production company and other local filmmakers to branch out and work in other indie scenes. Ray and Edwards want to “create magic” with their production company. They also wanted to create a positive environment for filmmakers and for the independent film scene in Wilmington.

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Encore Best Of 2019

We founded Honey Head Films after realizing there was a demand in our community for a fresh approach to independent film and media production. By establishing ourselves as a team of women on a mission to empower a younger generation of female cinematographers, directors, writers, gaffers and editors, we feel a dedication to Wilmington that goes beyond filmmaking. It is a movement toward narrowing the gender gap in creative media.

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North Carolina Filmmakers – The New Wave

The true grit of the South permeates much of the narrative work we do and is often a basis of inspiration. The characters were conceptualized through a curiosity, fascination, and empathy for the people existing in small Southern towns you drive through on your way to somewhere else. We wanted to bring awareness to the diverse and complex fabric of our shared human experience.

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Honey Head Films Rewrites the Industry Script

Since launching this woman-led film initiative, Honey Head Films has worked in indie film, as well as a documentary for Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue. They also work with clients needing marketing on social media platforms. “Wilmington being such a small town, we get a lot of work from word of mouth and social media. Through social media, people began to see the traction we were generating and were curious about what we are doing.”

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