Ocean Rescue: Making the Squad

Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue is an elite team led by veteran lifeguards and responsible for protecting four miles of beach in North Carolina. Follow six candidates as they push their physical and mental limits for a chance to make the squad.
Directed by Charlie Ball
Produced by Honey Head Films

Koinadugu College

In October 2019, Honey Head Films traveled to Sierra Leone with three different non-profit organizations to document the impact of a college built to serve the Koinadugu district.
Founder & Chancellor – Alhaji Njai
Executive Director – Linda Vakunta

Sole Fitness

Honey Head Films has partnered with notable influencer platform Wrightsville Creatives to document the journey of Sole Fitness founder, Kathryn Benko, and her cultivation of body-positivity for women across the Port City and beyond.
Executive Producer – Connor Rode
Produced by Honey Head Films
Now available on Vimeo!

Shell’em Seafood

Honey Head took a ride with local entrepreneur Ana Shellem, founder of Shell’em Seafood, to film a day-in-the-life of her boutique shellfishing company located in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.
Produced by Honey Head Films
In association with The Lighthouse Film Company’s Female Empowerment Initiative

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